RFID labels

The core element of the RFID technology is the label with the RFID chip.

Paper label is suitable for gluing into the publication and meets all required standars of use of RFID in the library (ISO 18000-3, ISO 15693). The most common label sizes are 50x80 mm and 50x50 mm. These highly dependable labels store data in memory for 50 years and can be rewritten 100 000 times. As per the customer request we can print the label with e.g. logo or a bar code.

SmartLabel 110

Paper labels are suitable for sticking to the books. It is one of the most used dimensions 50 x 50 mm. These highly reliable labels contain a chip standard SLIX. The customer can also provide single-color printing labels, for example the logo or barcode.


Smartlabel 200

This type of paper labels belong to the best selling ever. The technical parameters are the same as the type of the Smartlabel 110, has the rectangular dimensions of 50x80 mm. Also, these labels can be imprinted.


RFID labels for CD and DVD

Label with a RFID chip designated for placement on a CD or a DVD medium. Besides supplying a simple circular shaped label, we also offer a full-area option with a better chance of detection.

SmartLabel 300

Special ring label with a diameter of 40 mm is intended for application to the media type CD. Technical parameters correspond to the labels for the book.


SmartLabel 310

The security DVD or Blu-ray media is the intended floor label with a diameter of 116 mm. Technical parameters correspond to the labels for the book.


SmartLabel 500

Special RFID chip that can be placed on metallic objects or electronic products. May serve to protect the valuable items in the library, e.g. notebooks or e-book readers.



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