Inventory tools

Inventory tool Smartstock 150

This type of inventory unit has a small weight (600 g) and a futuristic look. The antenna on the extended handle is ideal for scanning of low or high placed shelves. Wifi RFID reader is connected with a laptop or desktop computer. The typical duration of activity on a single charge is 8 hours, and there is even a "Boost mode" with increased sensitivity shooting (increased power at the expense of endurance).


Inventory tool Smartstock 200

The version Smartstock 200 is labeled as “all-in-one”. It is a compact devide, that includes an aimable antenna and a RFID reader with a pocket computer and a keyboard. A handle is located on the bottom of the device for convenient holding.


3M Digital Library Assistant - Model 804

It is compact device, easy to use. Digital Library Assistant can hold information of more than one million items. The ergonomic design and swivel antenna maximizes comfort and minimizes stooping. Can simultaneously search and sort library items and provide a revision of the library collection.



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