Security gates

EM security gate immediately detects whether it moves through the gate any medium secured with activated EM strip. Unauthorized borrowing causes the alarm and alerts library staff by light and audible signal.

3M Detection system - Model 3500

Flexible, reliable, very low frequency systém. Designed for use with 3M Tattle-Tape Security Strips, this stylish, versatile and  compact system provides excellent coverage to protect library items from loss. Along  with a low frequency signal that minimizes interference with surrounding electronic  equipment and an adjustable height detection zone, the system can be customized  for exits and entrances. The unit can be installed in single- or dual-corridor  configurations and comes with a variety of mounting options: direct mount, base  plate or buried cable. The Model 3500 is completely safe for all magnetic media.  Along with a built-in red alarm light, it features an audible alarm. In addition, the  customer counter records the number of library visitors.


3M Detection system - Model 3800

Superior coverage with style and versatility. This versatile system detects 3M™ Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips better than any other library security system on the market today. By offering the largest detection area possible, the system helps ensure that no materials leave the library without being checked out. And because the Model 3800 provides security coverage up to six feet above the floor, it can even detect items concealed in backpacks. It self-calibrates to  the library’s environment and contains diagnostics that reduce maintenance calls and ensure optimum performance. Designed to fit a variety of floor plans and décors,  the unit has a variety of mounting options: direct mount, base plate or buried cable. Optional electronics outputs allow libraries to add other security features, including a 3M™ Voice Alarm. The Model 3800 is completely safe for all magnetic media. Security system consists of one, two, three or four corridors. Width of corridor is 36” or 42”.



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