ARL System Seminar

The scope of the user seminar is designed depending on the size and type of installation and the number of trained workers. Date and place of the seminar shall be agreed between the customer and our employee, who is responsible for installation of the system at the customer’s place of business. At the customer's request and by mutual agreement, it is possible to repeat the seminars and combine them at will.

Content of the ARL seminar includes the following professional activities related to the ARL modules:

  • search and basic operation of the ARL client
  • cataloging and receipt of library units
  • borrowing
  • revision of the collection and decommissioning,
  • acquisition,
  • management of serials (periodicals)
  • IPAC (online catalog)
  • interlibrary loan service,
  • other specific activities (eg reminders to suppliers).

Customers, who, under a maintenance upgrade contract, are provided with an upgrade, receive the describtion of the new functions within the upgrade. In most cases, this information is sufficient to ensure that users are able to work with the new functionality of the system. The customer has the option of ordering a special training on working with these functions of the ARL system.

Specialized seminars for system librarians or ARL system administrators are available. The subject of these specialized seminars is the configuration of individual parts of the system that the ARL sytem administrator can perform directly based on the requirements of the users in the institution.


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