Cataloging Seminar

According to the customer needs, we provide cataloguing seminars, or more precisely document processing with regards to international field standards. The topic of the seminar is the name and factual processing in the MARC 21 or UNIMARC fomats. The seminar can take place directly at the institution, which is working with the ARL system – then the seminar can take place directly in the system, or only a general seminar can be provided without any regards to the automated system. In this case, the cataloguing seminar can be provided for an institution, which uses other system than the ARL system.

The seminar considers the national interpretation of cataloguing rules and methodology created by the respective national library.

The content of the cataloguing seminar can make provision for the cataloguing practice of the specific instituion following an agreement.

The cataloguing seminar is given in the pre-agreed extent and on order base only. It can be followed by seminar on creating authorities.


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